Wingcopter Set to Deploy 12,000 Delivery Drones in Africa – TransportUP

Wingcopter Set to Deploy 12,000 Delivery Drones in Africa – TransportUP

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22 May 2022 || 4 min read

German delivery drone developer company Wingcopter has signed an agreement with Continental Drones Ltd, a subsidiary of a larger holdings group, to bring over 12,000 delivery drones to the African Continent in order to both improve existing supply chains and create entirely new ones.

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Over the last several years, Wingcopter has become one of the world’s most prominent and highly advanced drone delivery companies. Its aircraft, the Wingcopter 198, can fly completely autonomously, and can carry up to 6kg of cargo for distances up to 110km at a time. So far, Wingcopter has also made agreements with German Airways to deliver spare parts for wind farms, with Spright for medical supplies deliveries in the US, and with SYNERJET Corporation operations in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, and Guatemala. 

Now, Wingcopter has secured its largest deal yet, with holding company Atlantic Trust Holding, to deploy over 12,000 Wingcopter drones throughout Africa over the next five years. With these all-electric aircraft, Atlantic Trust Holding hopes to create air delivery networks throughout Africa in order to better distribute supplies such as medicines, vaccines, and laboratory samples, as well as essential goods for daily use. With these new networks, communities that have poor road access could soon have air-delivery connections to get goods from larger communities, vastly improving distribution of potentially life-saving equipment.

The new agreement is being done through Atlantic Trust Holding, a large umbrella company that has subsidiaries like OmniTrade Africa, International Energy Services Limited, and Atlantic eBanc Global systems. For this effort, Atlantic Trust Holding has created the subsidiary Continental Drones, which is partnering with Wingcopter to help set up this new infrastructure.

Watch an example of a Wingcopter blood sample delivery in Germany below:

Said Tom Plümmer, Co-Founder and CEO of Wingcopter, “This agreement and trustful partnership is a real game-changer, positioning Wingcopter and Continental Drones at the top of the drone delivery industry. Wingcopter is well positioned to execute against the tremendous opportunity of drone delivery in the next decade. We are convinced that our cooperation with Alex and his Continental Drones team will unlock the African drone delivery market on a large scale, allowing us to jointly improve and save millions of lives.”

Why it’s important: According to Wingcopter, In many African regions, insufficient infrastructure is one of the biggest barriers to universal health coverage and economic development. Through large-scale drone delivery networks throughout Africa, Wingcopter believes it can ‘propel logistics in these countries to a new level’, by replacing limited ground-based, emission-producing infrastructure with an all-electric, far more capable alternative.

These automated networks could also potentially lay the groundwork for passenger-carrying solutions, which would connect not just supplies, but also people between communities.

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