EASA publishes Review of Aviation Safety Issues Arising from the war in Ukraine

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Following the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine, The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has developed a safety risk portfolio to identify safety issues affecting commercial aviation which stem from or are associated with this conflict. EASA developed the portfolio in close cooperation with Member State regulators and industry partners to capture new or emerging safety issues. 

The assessment followed surveys of EASA’s safety partners, comprising the EASA Member States’ regulators and industry. Drawing on the many candidate safety issues provided by Stakeholders, EASA has defined 20 safety issues. Where already available, mitigating actions are provided alongside the corresponding safety issue.

Organisations should evaluate the applicability of the safety issues listed in the review to their own operations and, where appropriate, capture them in their SMS so that any associated risks can be mitigated effectively. EASA will continue to monitor the safety situation and will provide further updates to the report as needed. 

This story republished from https://www.easa.europa.eu/newsroom-and-events/news/easa-publishes-review-aviation-safety-issues-arising-war-ukraine

Aviation - Social Gov originally published at Aviation - Social Gov