J-Man Meets with CBD Pros USA + Big Texas Beer Fest on Episode 31

J-Man Meets with CBD Pros USA + Big Texas Beer Fest on Episode 31

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DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — WEED AND WHISKEY NEWS Show host Jerry “J-Man” Joyner was excited to meet with John Fisher, Founder of CBD Pros USA and Chad Montgomery of Big Texas Beer Fest as they share their stories with his 141,500+ “Partakers” on episode 31 of Weed And Whiskey News.

“This was our 31st episode”, Shared J-Man, “We’ve added some additional on air talent, with Kim The Hemp Housewife, Robert Head from Hemp For Victory and DO & Co’s Daulton O’Neill rounding out our new roster. This was also the first episode with founders of two different businesses. First up was Chad Montgomery. J-Man continued “You’ve gotta be impressed with any person that has a small business that depends on live attendees and survived the pandemic and Chad Montgomery is one of those impressive people. Big Texas Beer Fest is the can’t miss event in the craft beer space so get your tickets now. I learned from Shep Gordon the importance of feeding people that are hungry, and so proud to know people that beyond being a successful in business, Chad & his wife Nellie have provided over a quarter million meals to the North Texas Food Bank.” Next up was John Fisher, who with his son Cody, founded CBD Pros USA a short time ago and now have CBD Pro USA stores in Texas, Georgia and soon in Florida. When I say stores, I’m talking almost 30 and they have Dreamz dispensaries in New Mexico with nine stores open and a half dozen more on the way. Talk about a dynamic duo! Both the Fisher’s are humble about their success and there’s nothing J-Man enjoys more than meeting other plain talkers and straight shooters. No doubt the passion that extends down from the top for wellness and education of the people that visit them. I can’t wait to have John back on the show and hopefully he’ll let Cody join him.”


John Fisher (Founder & CEO) and Cody Fisher (Co-Founder & COO) are the father and son entrepreneurial team behind CBD Pros USA. When Cody was young, John brought him along on many business trips, especially during his early days as a successful franchisee in the automotive products industry. Cody learned at a young age how to maneuver through the intricacies of business and what it takes to be a leader in very competitive markets.

In 2018, John and Cody saw an and entry point in the CBD industry and pounced on it. Opening several stores within months of the Farm Bill (December 22, 2018) being signed into law, their business acumen quickly earned them a strong position in the market. Instead of following other business models strictly dedicated to a pricing model, they decided that the focus of their CBD locations would be on educating the public, and raising the industry standards for quality control, third-party-lab-testing, and fair pricing on great products. Consequently, their staff is extremely knowledgeable about CBD strains and the potential health benefits that CBD and other cannabinoids may have.

John’s and Cody’s commitment to running a transparent, ethical business has moved them to the forefront of the industry and is keeping them leaders in a fast-moving, ever-changing environment.

For more information about CBD Pros USA visit https://cbdprosusa.com/

About Big Texas Beer Fest

Chad and Nellie Montgomery visited Denver in September 2010 and attended the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). The entire region came alive with beer events as far away as 100 miles from the city. Not long after returning, they decided to bring that style of event home to Dallas, Texas.

Many beer events benefit charity, bring good people together to drink amazing beers, promote small businesses (breweries, restaurants, great bars, and more), and the local economy. They had no idea why Dallas didn’t have a similar event, but they knew that had to be fixed.

Over ten years ago, the largest event we’d ever planned was our wedding with just over 100 people in attendance. We’re no different than anyone who attends our festival; we’re just two people who love great beer, small businesses, supporting local charities, and festivals.

Their hope and intentions are that every brewery and attendee who participates feels like this event is their own, and something to be proud of. This event doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to the attendee. Over the course of 11 years, they’ve been able to provide over 250,000 meals to hungry North Texans thanks to their partnership with the North Texas Food Bank.

For more information visit https://www.bigtexasbeerfest.com/

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J-Man Meets with CBD Pros USA + Big Texas Beer Fest on Episode 31

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