HICC PET Unveils New Clean Plant-Based Pet Care Product Series

HICC PET Unveils New Clean Plant-Based Pet Care Product Series

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HICC Pet Coconut Oil Collection

HICC Pet Coconut Oil Collection_lifestyle

HICC Pet Coconut Oil Collection-lifestyle

HICC PET Deodorizing Pet Glove Wipes

HICC PET Deodorizing Pet Glove Wipes

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — HICC PET!™ (former HICC GROOM!®) is a pet wellness company headquartered in New York City. Our company specializes in developing and distributing clean, natural, and hygienic pet products. We are beyond excited to announce our new plant-based pet health collection to foster more sanitary and hygienic skincare solutions for household pets. We plan to release our latest series 2022.09.30 to expand our brand, integrating fresh, additive-free solutions for advanced pet care. Our plant-based line includes hypoallergenic glove wipes, deodorizing pet glove wipes, and pet dental finger wipes.

We use 100% fermented coconut as the active clean ingredient for its antimicrobial and soothing health properties. Say goodbye to toxic elements and chemicals you can’t even pronounce. Our coconut oil formula offers more moisturizing, balancing, and skin conditioning benefits compared to conventional products.

For several months, we researched the positive effects of coconut oil fermentation on skin care. Unlike other competitors in the market, we didn’t want to cut corners. We realized how important it was to preserve the coconut’s natural qualities and deliver pet health products in their purest form. Below are the primary features of each product:

-Hypoallergenic Glove Wipes: Wearable disposable glove wipes designed for sensitive pet skin, moisturizing, and softening hair texture. It contains oatmeal and our plant-based coconut formula.

-Deodorizing Pet Gloves: Perfect for eliminating pet odors that linger or repeatedly surface. It also contains moisturizing benefits formulated with aloe and our plant-based coconut formula.

-Pet Dental Finger Wipes: Removes built-up plaque and bacteria along your pet’s teeth and gum line for long-lasting fresh breath. Slip the finger wipe on gently to remove tough stains.

With these fresh and improved pet topical products, your cats and dogs will benefit from an all-inclusive brand that delivers deep cleansing and preventative care remedies.

The co-founder and CEO, Weilun Luo, states, “HICC PET™ is proud to celebrate two years of business with a trustworthy and committed team for safe and loving pet care for all households. We are grateful for the trusting relationships we’ve curated with our consumers and pet rescue organizations like Animal League America. Many pet wellness brands are out there, so we do not take their business for granted. With the help of our customers and other business acquisitions, we are working towards being a top pet care brand in the nation.”

As our company grows, we continually search for unique ingredients that deliver cleansing benefits, pet wellness, and immune-boosting qualities.


HICC PET™ is an innovative pet health and wellness company that desires to revamp the pet care industry. “HICC” is our promise to bring “Health Innovations for a Clean and Comfortable Life” to pets and their owners. We developed the first hypochlorous cleaning glove wipes and used advanced technology to integrate natural and holistic pet ingredients daily. Our first goal is to expand our business and bring awareness to the pet community. HICC partners with some of the largest organizations in the nation to create happy pet lives and foster a better living environment. Our community comprises vets, influencers, and over 4,000 online members who trust and promote our products daily. We aim to continue our vision to make more ethical and eco-friendly pet products accessible to the public for the animals we love most. The future will breed a new reign of opportunities for our endeavors to give all pets a healthier, happier lifestyle. For more information, visit https://hiccpet.com/pages/about-us-hiccpet.

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