May 16, 2023

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AZIO Launches Tera 75 Keyboard, a Mechanical Keyboard With Interchangeable Design Materials — Now Live on Kickstarter

AZIO Launches Tera 75 Keyboard, a Mechanical Keyboard With Interchangeable Design Materials — Now Live on Kickstarter

AZIO Launches Tera 75 Keyboard, a Mechanical Keyboard With Interchangeable Design Materials — Now Live on KickstarterThe Tera 75 is a fully customizable 75% layout mechanical keyboard that features interchangeable accessories designed in a variety of materials to match everyone’s personalities

The Tera 75 is AZIO’s next reiteration of mechanical keyboards made from a combination of world-class design and innovative technology created with users in mind. AZIO’s DNA is about prioritizing the incorporation of premium materials into our products, and we achieve that by creating a dialogue about how we can explore the use of building elements in other areas of the design industry.

With a user-centric methodology, the Tera 75 was designed to give the user freedom in expressing their individuality with this keyboard as a palette to build their uniqueness. The Tera 75 features interchangeable plates made with a range of materials, from aluminum coated with a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish in three colors, to a solid concrete core, as well as a limited Damascus Steel variant to complete the set. The control knob can also be customizable, made from computer numeric control (CNC) aluminum in three colors, or users can opt for a more natural maple or walnut core. The body comes in either a matte plastic finish or an aluminum base topped with OEM profile ABS keycaps to complete the profile. 

Other features of the Tera 75 include:

  • Compact 75% layout
  • Hot-swappable mechanical switches and key caps
  • Built-in triple layer foam and silicone dampers for and enhanced acoustical sensation while reducing vibration feedback.
  • Pre-lubed switches for smooth key actuation
  • A variety of different backlight settings, including RGB colors and animation patterns
  • System and connectivity toggles that let users shift between Mac and PC
  • Connect/pair up to three devices at a time

The Tera 75 is now available on Kickstarter. Backers can take advantage of the Early Bird special, starting at $140 for the three main pledges.

About AZIO Corporation

Founded in Los Angeles in 2009, AZIO was created as an answer to stagnant aesthetics of workspace accessories. Our design goal is to create cutting-edge products that are intuitively easy to use, provide maximum comfort, and leave a minimal environmental footprint. By circumventing traditional materials, forms, and functions, we break through conventional designs to create your dream workspace. Our goal is to spark creativity and uplift the way you work through a unique narrative that is efficient yet beautiful. Let us help revolutionize the way you work.

Contact Information:

Edward Mai

Marketing Manager

[email protected]

714 548 4122

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AZIO Launches Tera 75 Keyboard, a Mechanical Keyboard With Interchangeable Design Materials — Now Live on Kickstarter

BluWave-Ai Expands EV Everywhere Commercial Adoption With Smartcar’s Vehicle APIs

BluWave-Ai Expands EV Everywhere Commercial Adoption With Smartcar’s Vehicle APIs

BluWave-Ai Expands EV Everywhere Commercial Adoption With Smartcar’s Vehicle APIsSolution Intelligently Integrates Direct Communication with Supported EVs for Wide-Scale Onboarding to Grid

BluWave-ai and Smartcar announced an agreement to integrate Smartcar’s vehicle APIs with BluWave-ai’s EV Everywhere. BluWave-ai is a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) Software-as-a-Sevice (SaaS) solutions to optimize renewable energy and electric transportation. Smartcar is an API platform that enables developers to integrate software applications and services with vehicles. This collaboration will help accelerate the adoption of BluWave-ai EV Everywhere for end-users who charge at multiple locations or use chargers that cannot be actively managed.

BluWave-ai EV Everywhere Software-as-a-Service product predicts, detects, optimizes, and controls EV charging to stabilize grid operations, providing real-time congestion management in utilities’ distribution networks. With the BluWave-ai EV Everywhere App, which is connected to the EV Everywhere SaaS platform, EV drivers are able to connect to the system leveraging Smartcar and participating in utility programs. Utilities and system operators benefit by having a pool of EVs that can collaborate with grid operations while consumers receive incentives.

BluWave-ai EV Everywhere is built on the AI energy optimization platform of BluWave-ai, which is deployed in utility and smart grid live operations for over four years. Smartcar’s vehicle APIs bring integration with leading electric vehicle (EV) brands in the market and provide connectivity services to consumer passenger vehicles. This advances the integration, supporting accelerating mass-market adoption of electric vehicles into electricity distribution grids and presents a solution to the worldwide challenge for distribution utilities to efficiently manage the increased energy demand to customers’ homes for charging electric vehicles.

Smartcar’s APIs are compatible with over 100 EV models across 25 of the top car brands in North America and Europe, and Smartcar continuously adds new models as they become available. All of these will now be accessible from the BluWave-ai EV Everywhere product, in addition to direct OCPP-certified enabled chargers worldwide.

EV Everywhere’s initial deployment, announced in 2022, is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada supported by the Independent Electricity System Operator with the capital city’s utility Hydro Ottawa, where initial rollout with Smartcar vehicle APIs will take place, and subsequently with BluWave-ai’s worldwide utility and system operator customers.

BluWave-ai’s expertise in grid energy optimization and innovative platform for intelligent EV charging is transforming the way electric vehicle charging is managed. To fully realize this potential, it is essential to have access to the necessary data from the vehicles themselves. This is where Smartcar’s technology comes in. Smartcar provides BluWave-ai with the crucial link to the broad consumer base of EV owners and their vehicles. With Smartcar’s vehicle APIs, BluWave-ai can streamline the process of aggregating data from EVs, and focus on refining their grid energy optimization algorithms, without the need for direct integration with multiple, individual EV charging hardware systems.

This enables BluWave-ai to offer a more comprehensive and streamlined solution for EV charging control to utility companies, enterprises, and electric fleet operators and others. With Smartcar’s help, BluWave-ai can expand the reach of their platform to a wider range of EV owners, leading to greater adoption of EV charging control and a more sustainable future for all.

“We chose Smartcar’s vehicle APIs to augment our EV Everywhere product capabilities, advancing our mission of promoting sustainable energy solutions for the energy and transportation sectors,” said Devashish Paul, CEO of BluWave-ai. “Their expertise in API integration with the wide-ranging (fleet) of electric vehicles on the road will help accelerate scaling out our EV Everywhere product line for power utilities and system operators worldwide.”

“Smartcar is proud to bring our vehicle API technology to BluWave-ai EV Everywhere,” said Sahas Katta, CEO of Smartcar. “We believe that this partnership will accelerate the integration of EVs into the smart grid, enabling more efficient, and sustainable energy management.”

Enhancing BluWave-ai EV Everywhere with Smartcar vehicle APIs represents a significant step forward in the evolution of energy grid optimization and electric vehicle integration. Leveraging advanced technology and expertise from both companies makes it easier for consumers to adopt EVs, and for utilities and grid operators to manage the integration of EVs into the grid.

BluWave-ai EV Everywhere is available bundled with the BluWave-ai Edge and Center products to interested utilities and system operators who want to prepare for the market penetration of a large number of EVs. Please contact [email protected] for further consultation and deployment with our technical team.

For details on the IESO Grid Innovation Fund Project where BluWave-ai EV Everywhere is being deployed, please click here.

About BluWave-ai

Founded in 2017, BluWave-ai is building the world’s premier transport electrification and renewable energy AI company headquartered here in Canada’s capital of Ottawa. We are focused on driving the proliferation of renewable energy and electric transportation worldwide with SaaS-based AI solutions. Our products optimize in real-time different energy sources, both renewable and non-renewable. This lets our customers – fleet operators, corporations, and utilities – improve their energy decisions for sustainability and costs. BluWave-ai has raised over $16M to date inclusive of a Series A round led by Ontario Power Generation’s Fleet Electrification subsidiary PowerON Energy Solutions and non-dilutive funding in its seed round from Sustainable Development Technologies Canada.

About Smartcar

Founded in 2015, Smartcar is the leading developer platform for mobility businesses. From auto insurance and car sharing to EV charging and fleet management, businesses of all kinds use Smartcar’s APIs to integrate their apps and services with vehicles. By making it easy to connect to their customers’ cars, Smartcar enables companies to build the future of mobility. Smartcar has raised $36M to date and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), New Enterprise Associates (NEA), and Energize Ventures. For more information, visit

Contact Information:

Brandon Paul

Senior Corporate Marketing Manager

[email protected]

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BluWave-Ai Expands EV Everywhere Commercial Adoption With Smartcar’s Vehicle APIs